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House of Ideology

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Alexandria's Love

In a land not far away,

in a time not long ago,

humane beings came together,

understanding for to know:


tolerance for all life honor,

diversity in harmony!

inspiration celebration,

to grace society! And they said:


Living seed creates

in a mystery of existence!


Infernal body survives,

in a drama of life and death!


Feeding soul perfects,

in a conflict of fit and lacking!


Eternal spirit revives,

ancient discoveries!


Alexandria’s Love:

for our myths and our truths,

From our earliest times,

For our verses and rhymes,

Alexandria’s Love!


Alexandria’s Love:

Was I.D.E.O.L.O.G.Y. Way,

But she could not undo,

What aggression did to,

Alexandria’s Love!


When a time came for these people

to arrogance submit,

Deviation from salvation,

the sword would not permit!


One word, One god, One religion!

A force had come to say:

Homotolerant spiritization,

Stops happening here today!

And they said:


We believed in freedom,

You burned libraries down,

Destroying ancient records,

Of a wisdom so profound!


One day in the future,

Souls will liberate,

People will come together,

And learn to celebrate.



Alexandria's Love:

Is I.D.E.O.L.O.G.Y. Way,

Maybe we can undo

what fundamentalists do,

to Alexandria's Love!

I.D.E.O.L.O.G.Y. Way!




Copyright 2010