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House of Ideology

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         I am the High Ideologue of the House of Ideology. I build with ideas in my mind a model of self and world. This model of self and world that I build with ideas in my mind  I use to orient myself towards existence and explain existence to myself. This reality that I fashion within my mind I call my house of ideology. Many of the life forms in our body consuming biosphere naturally build a model of self and world  and use this in the process of orienting self towards existence and explaining existence to self. Out of an awareness of this fact and a desire to pursue happiness and good health came to me the idea of founding the House of Ideology, a non profit religious association and the High Ideologue, A Corporation Sole, a non profit religious corporation.  Through these organizations I challenge the many of our global culture and myself to have the highest esteem of self and world that we can possibly imagine; and converge upon a standard of conduct that best produces happiness and good health.  I welcome the active participation of anyone who wishes to join me in this effort. 



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