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House of Ideology

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LII. Logic of the Emotional Mind


       The logic of the emotional mind is associative. The emotional mind takes elements that symbolize reality, or trigger a memory of it, to be the same as reality. That is why similes, metaphors, and images found in literature, film, poetry, song, theatre, and opera speak directly to the emotional mind. Great spiritual teachers, have touched their disciples' hearts by speaking in the language of emotion, teaching in parables, fables, and stories. Religious symbol and ritual makes little sense from the rational point of view.  These speak to followers in the vernacular of the heart.

My emotional mind follows its' own logic and its' own rules. With one element standing for another; I need not define things by their objective identity necessarily. What matters is how things seem to be. What something reminds me of can be far more important than what something is. While my rational mind makes logical connections between cause and effect, my emotional mind is indiscriminate, connecting things that merely have similar striking features.



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