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House of Ideology

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Below is a list of song titles each being a link to a page of lyrics.

Ideology Fashion Reality

Spherical Crucible

Big Picture of Love

Traditions of Grandeur and Grand Preferences

Love To Hear The Music


We Want Homosexuality

I am a Freak

Love That's True

A Gay Marriage Song

Mr. Authority

They Tried To Make Me

What Friendship Means

Freedom Means

Queen of Denial

Bah, Bah, Lamb Has Fallen

No Such Thing As Fair

Do You See Us All?

Love The Christian

All Hail The King of The Lab Rats

You're A Nation

Magic Moments

I Am One

Teach You To Be You

Cause I'm a Fag!

Learn To Be Happy

Love Me, Sate Me

Spiritization Is So Much Fun

Cowboys That Shoot From The Hip

He's A Cowboy That Shoots From The Hip 

Stop While You're Ahead!

The Few Over The Many

The Mercenaries Have Run Amok

I Love To Be Free God of Pure Love

I Love To Be Free Shining Success

What Love Could Be

Alexandria's Love

High Oft He High!

Fractal Universe


Soul Spirit

Soul Children

Soul ChildREn

Inspiration Celebration

Do You Believe?




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