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House of Ideology

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 Ideology Fashion Reality  

Living in a state,

in a state of actors,

it's really hard to know,

what's truth and what's show.


The ignorance of youth!

The arrogance of truth!

Intoxicating science!

Who'd like to see the proof?


We're putting on,

Our best suit, our best tie, our best line.

Our best dress, our best style, our best smile.

Our best hi, our best truth,

get ready set go!


We're putting on

Our best mask, our best dance, our best cry,

Our best chant, our best spell, our best sigh,

our best hi, our best myth,

lights, action and show!



Fashion Reality


Ideology: a body of ideas 

reflecting the needs and aspirations

 of an individual, group, class

 and or culture.


If you know the truth

then you I do admire:

The existence of mystery,

is myth's eternal fire.


It takes away my brain.

It takes away my heart.

It takes away my courage.

Can't take away my start.


Like Dorothy and

the scarecrow, and tin man, and lion,

I'm thinking, I'm feeling, I'm trying,

to make life worth living

all over again.


Iím thinking positive.

Iím feeling I am one.

Iím trying as an artist

To be and to become


Liberated Celebrated

 Positive One Artist Become!



Fashion Reality


Our seed is Infinity.

Our bodies host Divinity.

Our souls live Eternally.

Our spirit is One


Our father is Love.

His children be our,

Mother of Gods.

Our family is Your way!


We are,


Infinity's, Divinity, Eternally,

Infinity, Divinity, Eternity,

Infinity, Divinity, Eternally,



Our father is Love.

His children be our.

Mother is Gods.

Our family is Your way!  



Fashion Reality  


I.D.E.O.L.O.G.Y.: an acronym

 with letters that spell out

, Infinity Divinity Eternally One

 Love Our Gods Your way





Copyright 2010