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House of Ideology

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 Don't like to see us in a M. A. D. situation.

Or have to admit to my glad participation.

To be alive is to be free;

And freedom means? Reality! Fashion That!

Freedom means one could love or one can hate.

Freedom means one could fear or one can faith.

Freedom means one could truth or one can lie.

Freedom means one could save or crucify.

It's a world of love, a world of war;

and freedom is a two edged sword!

Hip-hypocrisy is a shield.

Deadly deception is their yield.

Love and Hate

Fear and Faith

Truth and Lies

Open up!

Look around!


For every action thereís reaction

And just as Iím free so are you

To build a world or bring one down as a clown or a knight,

Youíve got the right.

Freedom means peace or suffering.

Freedom means create or transgress.

Freedom means joy or sorrow.

Freedom means healing or stress.

Are we as free as we could be?

Or is our darkness to deep to see?

Love is the truth that sets us free!

Itís not denial, or suicidal fantasy!



Copyright 2010