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House of Ideology

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XCIII. I Rely Upon The Support of a Community of Faithful Believers.


Thank you to all who have been reading and interpreting the words of this House of Ideology Manifesto. I believe whether we realize it or not, our souls are in continuous communion with our spirit. I think, believe and expect that continuous communion with our spirit makes possible communication of feedback to me by readers whenever this House of Ideology Manifesto is read. Others may also choose to devote energy, space, and time to the task of offering me feedback in written form. 

My mission is to take a love of healthy, agnostic, positivistic, nationalistic, spiritization of my model of the existence of one totality  to itsí logical extreme.  I affirm the limitations placed upon my mission by alien quantity of energy, fractal quality of space and infernal temporal longevity of my seed body. I deny any limitations are placed upon my mission by infinite quantity of energy, divine quality of space and eternal longevity of our spirit. My seed body is selfish in form and fractal infernal temporal in content yet I am driven on by my divine eternal soul to persevere, overcome obstacles, and progress towards victory ever raising conscious awareness towards celebration of higher self, higher world, and higher future.

I desire to liberate humanity from the hatred the follows from heterofascist, atheistic, perfectionistic, nationalistic, negativism. I desire to celebrate humanity with the love that follows from healthy, agnostic, positivistic, nationalistic, spiritization of self and world taken to its' logical extreme. Thereby I arrive at a belief in the one myth about the existence of one totality that enables us to have the highest esteem of the existence of self and world. I lead us to devote energy, space and time to a belief in the myth about existence of an infinity, divinity, eternally, one that is in everything, everywhere, at all times, and manifests for the purposes of enjoying entertainment as an infinite seed, an infinite body, an infinite soul and an infinite spirit; because I think, believe and expect that doing so could enable us to produce in our minds emotional balance that is conducive to happiness and health in our lives. I think, believe and expect that an infinite spirit rules behaviors, fates and destinies of all souls with spiritual laws of love and freedom. I rely upon support from a community of faithful believers.



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