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House of Ideology

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XLII. Causes and Effects of an Unbalanced Mind

I believe it is possible to find some individuals in a state of emotional unbalance because each individual uses their own truths, their own myths and in some cases their own lies to create within their own mind their own model of the existence of one totality. I believe it is possible that some individuals fail to balance emotional forces of sorrow, fear, and anger that follow from the discovery of the impending disease and death of their seed bodies with emotional forces of joy, faith, and love that follow from the mystery of the everlasting immunity and life of their soul spirit.

Another possible reason one may find oneself in a state of emotional unbalance is that in situations where and when one is faced with sudden loss or unfortunate circumstances, it is difficult for one to step back and see even just the outline of the whole picture. When confronted with a crisis, I very often focus my consciousness primarily on myself and my problems, and it is at these times that I fail to take notice of the bigger picture. The result is a temporary episode of sorrow, fear, and or anger, born out of a temporary preoccupation with the thought of the seed body and itsí relationship to the universe. At these times, I am not taking notice of the soul and spirit that combine with seed and body to complete, make up a whole, and bring to perfection, a most optimistic model of the existence of one totality. 



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