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House of Ideology

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XLIV. Growing Stronger as a Believer


Each of us is born into this world naked, ignorant, and infantile. From the moment we are born, we began gathering together ideas and combining these to create a model of the  existence of one totality that we use to orient self towards the world and explain the world to self. Some of these ideas come from within. Our seed bodies store instinctual ideas in the form of DNA messages found in every cell.  Other ideas are experiential. These ideas come to us from the world around us. The product of this effort to orient self towards the world and explain the world is a model of the existence of one totality where in I live my life that I call a house of ideology.

        A model of the existence of one totality starts out simple. An infant body at any given moment is either in a state of balance or some physiological processes are out of balance. Imbalances in physiological processes may result in a wide range of unpleasant sensations including hunger, thirst, feeling cold or hot, nausea, fatigue, wetness, and or pain. These uncomfortable sensations may then result in emotional displays of sorrow, fear, and anger. At these times, the parent or guardian may attempt to comfort the child.  If and when the parental guardian succeeds in assisting the seed body of the infant to return to a state of balance, then the infant experiences sensations of comfort, relief and may display emotions of joy, faith, and love. The relationship between infant and parental guardian is central to the very simple model of the existence of one totality typically constructed by infants.  As we grow towards maturity, our world experience expands. With this expansion of experience our models of the existence of one totality grow and become ever more elaborate and ornate. For each and everyone of us is continuously designing, building, remodeling, repairing, decorating, restoring, ornamenting, and reinforcing our models of the existence of one totality.

As I grow towards greater understanding, I come to several realizations. There is both a existence of discovery and existence of mystery. The existence of discovery is finite while the existence of mystery may be infinite. For every condition of limitation that truth and knowledge based on scientifically reproducible discovery exposes and imposes on my thoughts, beliefs and expectations about existence, there is a condition of limitlessness to be found and imagined in myth and fantasy based on what is possible within the realm of mystery that is itsí emotional compliment. I combine ideas originating in discovered limitations of material plane with ideas originating in the mysterious limitlessness of the spiritual realm with each set of ideas neither denying nor excluding the possibility of the other. These compliments combine to complete, make up a whole and bring to perfection, my model of the existence of one totality. My model of the existence of one totality enables me to produce in my mind the most optimistic thoughts, beliefs and expectations about self and the most optimistic thoughts, beliefs, and expectations about the world. With my most optimistic model of the existence of one totality, I balance the emotional responses of my mind and satisfy my need and aspiration to achieve and maintain happiness. From happiness comes the emotional balance to achieve and maintain the best health possible.



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