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House of Ideology

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XXV. Points of Divine Intervention  


At any point in existence where only probabilities and possibilities may be described and the limits of scientifically reproducible discovery are exceeded, a point of divine intervention becomes a possibility.  

I believe divine eternal soul spirit may play some role in determining how probabilities and possibilities play themselves out. For example, divine eternal soul spirit may play some role in determining the combinations of individuals that will find each other and produce mating pairs. Our divine eternal soul spirit may play some role in determining the combinations of sperm and egg cells that will find each other and ultimately lead to conception of a new seed. I believe a fractal infernal temporal seed body would benefit from such help in terms of evolutionary advantage and be better able to create and survive within the body-consuming biosphere. I believe our divine eternal soul spirit would benefit by being better able, through the limited yet ever higher consciousness of a fractal infernal temporal seed body, to enjoy entertainment derived from the existence of discovery and mystery.

A question of perhaps even greater difficulty for science may be the origin of single-cell organisms. The theory of evolution offers little help in explaining how the nuclei, various organelles, chromosomes, ribosomes, and cell membranes that combine to complete, make up a whole and bring to perfection a functioning single-cell organism may have come into existence from organic molecular solids, liquids, and gases of the primordial crusted magma globe. These components would seemingly have to come into existence simultaneously and in the correct order since all are necessary for the organism to function, absorb matter and energy, process, excrete, grow, and reproduce. Odds against such a random occurrence are astronomical and make the possibility of divine intervention an attractive alternative explanation.

Even if science does discover evidence of the origins of single cell organisms that supports the theories of cooperative evolution, panspermia, and or chaos, there is always the origin of the universe to ponder. Was it design, was it luck, was it neither, or was it a combination of both that caused our universe to come into the existence of one totality?

 I may only speculate as what to the actual answer to the above question might be. In pursuit of happiness, I can choose to believe in a myth and fantasy that in my mind produces the most optimistic thoughts, beliefs, and expectations about the existence of one totality.  I choose to think, believe, and expect that our fractal infernal temporal universe is one of an infinite seed of large universes of the correct kind to support living infernal fractal entities that are collectively an infinite body created for the purposes of enjoying entertainment by our divine eternal soul spirit.



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