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House of Ideology

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The complete statement partially made on January 21, 2003

 by the High Ideologue of the House of Ideology 

before the City Council of West Hollywood  


      My name is Kevin Michael McDaniel. I am the High Ideologue of the House of Ideology. My official website is located on the Internet at Http:// . The House of Ideology is a non-profit spiritual association with an office located in West Hollywood, CA. The High Ideologue is the director of the House of Ideology. In order to protect myself from risk of liability, I have incorporated the office of the High Ideologue in the State of California as High Ideologue, A Corporation Sole (Entity ID # 2255186). Article XI of the Articles of Incorporation of the High Ideologue, A Corporation Sole states that no substantial part of activities of this corporation shall consist of attempting to influence legislation and or the Corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaigns (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. Therefore I cannot say whether I am opposed or in favor of the proposed resolutions in opposition of the United States’ Proposed Military Action Against Iraq that the City of West Hollywood is considering tonight. I can speak in terms of generalities. I wonder: How many Americans are aware that America has a serious strategic vulnerability? It is a little known fact that lying underneath one of the United States largest and most picturesque National Parks – Yellowstone Park – is one of the largest ‘super volcanoes’ in the world. The term ‘super volcano’ has no specifically defined scientific meaning. It was used by the producers of The BBC TV show Horizon  in 2000 to refer to volcanoes that have generated Earth’s largest volcanic eruptions. As such, a super volcano would be one that has produced an exceedingly large, catastrophic explosive eruption and a giant caldera or large crater formed by the eruption of a super volcano. A super volcano is one of the most destructive force on this planet. Only a few exist in the world and when they erupt they do so with a force tens of thousands of times greater than other eruptions. They lie dormant for hundreds of thousands of years as a vast reservoir of magma builds up inside them before finally they unleash their apocalyptic force, capable of obliterating continents. They threaten the survival of mankind. The last eruption of a super volcano was in Toba, Sumatra, 75,000 years ago. It had 10,000 times the explosive force of Mount St. Helens and changed life on Earth forever. Thousands of cubic kilometers of ash was thrown into the atmosphere - so much that it blocked out light from the sun all over the world. 2,500 miles away 35 centimeters of ash coated the ground. Global temperatures plummeted by 21 degrees. The rain would have been so poisoned by the gasses that it would have turned black and strongly acidic. Man was pushed to the edge of extinction, the population forced down to just a couple of thousand. Three quarters of all plants in the northern hemisphere were killed.

      Super volcanoes differ from normal volcanoes in many ways. The stereotypical volcano is a towering cone, but super volcanoes form in depressions in the ground called calderas. When a normal volcano erupts lava gradually builds up in the mountain before releasing it. In super volcanoes when magma nears the surface it does not reach it, instead it begins to fill massive underground reservoirs. The magma melts the nearby rock to form more extremely thick magma. The magma is so viscous that volcanic gasses that normally trigger an eruption cannot pass, so a massive amount of pressure begins to build up. This continues for hundreds of thousands of years until an eruption occurs, which blasts away a huge amount of ground, forming a new caldera.

      Not all super volcanoes have been found, but one of the largest is in Yellowstone Park, USA. Scientists searching for the caldera in the park could not see it because it was so huge - only when satellite images were taken did the scale of the caldera become apparent - the whole park, 85km by 45km, is one massive reservoir of magma. The idyll landscape of Yellowstone (below) could soon explode with devastating consequences. Immediately before the eruption, there would be large earthquakes in the Yellowstone region. The ground would swell further with most of Yellowstone being uplifted. One earthquake would finally break the layer of rock that holds the magma in - and all the pressure the Earth can build up in 640,000 years would be unleashed in a cataclysmic event.

      Magma would be flung 50 kilometers into the atmosphere. Within a thousand kilometers falling ash, lava flows and the sheer explosive force of the eruption would kill virtually all life. Volcanic ash would coat places as far away as Iowa and the Gulf of Mexico. One thousand cubic kilometers of lava would pour out of the volcano, enough to coat the whole of the USA with a layer 5 inches thick. The explosion would have a force 2,500 times that of Mount St. Helens. It would be the loudest noise heard by man for 75,000 years, the time of the last super volcano eruption. Within minutes of the eruption tens of thousands would be dead.

      Now I ask the honorable City Council Members: What would be the effect of a terrorist detonating a single nuclear weapon in Yellowstone Park? Nobody knows for sure, but I wonder if such a nuclear attack would trigger the eruption of the super volcano in Yellowstone Park if the mega tonnage of the weapon were large enough. As many as 30,000 nuclear weapons might be fired at the United States in the event of War World III. What is our president doing to protect us against this possibility besides demanding of the international community that we be permitted to enter into war with any foreign power whose ideologies we don’t like and who might be developing nuclear weapons.  If we continue to turn potential friends around the globe into our enemies by entering into their countries to kill people, destroy property, and desolate the environment for the sake of achieving and maintaining a dominant position within the global culture and if we continue to underestimate the intellectual abilities of those residing in these countries, and if we break international law then America and the global culture may be setting itself up for a great fall. It is my opinion that many of our nations are peace loving however they will only allow themselves to preyed upon by a beast of an international military industrial complex for so long before they will strike back. Presently America feeds the beast of an international military industrial complex by far the most money and resources. Is it any wonder than that many in the Islamic world equate America with the beast of an international military industrial complex and vilify America as the ‘Great Satan’? Starving a beast can be dangerous as it might choose to turn its’ weapons of mass destruction against us. It seems that the beast of an international military industrial complex has been used as a tool by the plutocrat few to exaggerate the stratification of wealth and poverty within the global culture and thereby consolidate authority, power, order, and control over the many nations. It seems to me that we cannot win a war on terror by spreading terror in war. It seems to me that we can win a war on terror by spreading humor in peace.  

Blue Text used with permission from original author Michael Lewis. 

Here is a link to Armageddon Online the web site created by Michael Lewis. His web page with Super Volcanoes as a topic is the source of blue text I used. 



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